Auto Parts Purchasing 101

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The Differences Between Manufacturer's And OEM Parts: What You Should Know

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When your car needs repairs and you take it to an auto repair shop, the mechanic is likely to give you a couple of different options and quotes based on parts needed and parts for use. This is often based on OEM parts versus the brand name manufacturer’s parts. Here are the differences between these two types of parts, and what you need to know to make an informed decision.  Read More»

How To Identify 1970's Dash Pads

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If you are looking to find authentic car parts to restore a vehicle, the biggest challenge in finding something authentic is in making sure it is not just a reproduction. There are some clues that are dead giveaways to finding car parts true to the period of the vehicle that you are attempting to restore. For the sake of argument here, let’s say you are looking for a 1970-74 E body dash pad for the dash of your classic vehicle. Read More»