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The Differences Between Manufacturer's And OEM Parts: What You Should Know

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When your car needs repairs and you take it to an auto repair shop, the mechanic is likely to give you a couple of different options and quotes based on parts needed and parts for use. This is often based on OEM parts versus the brand name manufacturer's parts. Here are the differences between these two types of parts, and what you need to know to make an informed decision. 

OEM Parts

OEM stands for "original equipment manufacturer." It does not mean the parts that are manufactured by the brand name car manufacturer. It means that the parts are made by a separate company for use in multiple vehicles. They are akin to assembly line generic parts that can snap in and out of multiple vehicles and be used across numerous vehicle makes and models. That is good news for you when you need car parts because OEM parts will not only fit your vehicle, but they are also cheaper and easier to come by than parts originally manufactured by your vehicle's company. When a mechanic gives you a cheaper estimate on the total repair costs of your vehicle, it is often the result of the cost of OEM parts. 

Brand Name Manufacturer Parts

Brand name parts are parts produced exclusively by your vehicle's maker. These parts are original to the company's production line and do not come from another manufacturer. This is good news for anyone that is quite particular about all the parts on his/her vehicle being "original" to the vehicle.

For example, if you bought a Maserati, you might only want Maserati parts from the Maserati company going into your vehicle, and not any OEM/generic parts. You would be willing to pay the big bucks to get these parts, which is why repair shops always give you a quote for parts based on either the brand name parts or the OEM parts. You can choose which you would rather have in your vehicle. 

Quality and Price

The price between these two categories of parts is the biggest difference you will notice. Depending on what your budget looks like or whether or not you want the name brand parts will determine which of these you might choose. As for quality, most car parts, regardless of category, are fairly equal in quality and construction. There are a couple of exceptions, but only your mechanic can tell you which parts are the exception to the rule. 

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