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Hydraulic Systems And Your Car: 3 Areas Of Your Car That Use Hydraulic Hoses

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Your car has many different systems that need regular maintenance, which include things like brake lines, AC systems and transmissions. All these systems have one thing in common — they use hydraulics to work. Here are some of the different areas of your car with hydraulic lines that require regular maintenance.

1. The Hydraulic System and Pump of Automatic Transmissions

If your car has an automatic transmission, there is a hydraulic system hidden beneath the transmission cover. The system consists of a neat pump, which is the hydraulic delivery system that aids in changing gears as you drive. In addition to the pump inside the transmission, there may also be hydraulic lines and rubber vacuum hoses that occasionally wear out and need to be replaced to ensure your automatic transmission is shifting gears properly. When you notice a problem with changing gears, you will want to check the hoses and hydraulic lines that may be damaged and replace them.

2. Brakes and Power Steering Systems That Use Hydraulic Lines

Your suspension also has several different hydraulic systems. These systems include your brakes, as well as power steering on many modern cars. Brake lines often deteriorate and leak, which can cause dangerous brake failure. Check your brake lines when you do routine auto maintenance and replace them when needed. In addition, you want to make sure that your power steering pump and any hydraulic hoses are also in good condition. Replace any of these lines when you notice damage or any leaks to ensure you always have brakes and good steering. The hydraulic pumps on these systems are your brake master cylinder and power steering pump, which may also need to be repaired or replaced if there is a problem.

3. Modern Cars and Hydraulic-Driven Air Conditioning Systems

Another area of your car that may use hydraulics is the AC and heating system. Modern cars often have a hydraulic pump to power the air conditioning, which have hoses that may wear out or become damaged and need to be replaced. If you have a problem with your AC, you may want to check the hydraulic lines to see if there are any leaks or signs of damage and have them replaced if needed.  

These are some of the different areas of your car that use hydraulic lines. If you are doing repairs and maintenance, contact a hydraulic hose service like Williams Oil Filter Service Co. for things like brake lines and other parts you need for repairs.