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Tools That Save Your Tire-Changing Day

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Only so many things in this world are as frustrating as a flat tire. Usually, you call a tow and have your vehicle hauled into a shop to change the tire, right? This time, you want to try changing it yourself. Wait- there is more frustration up ahead as you realize you cannot get the lug nuts off of the flat tire. The last time the car went into the shop for a flat, the technician used his/her pneumatic lug nut tool to really tighten up the lug nuts. Only superhuman strength could take them off now. 

On top of that, your jack only lifts the car up so high, and you drive one that is very low to the ground. The car has to come up higher to take the flat tire off of the ground. Then there is the special locking nut that keeps the hub cap in place. There is only so much frustration one can take when trying to do a simple task. Next time, have these tools on hand in your trunk to save your tire-changing day:

Heavy Duty High Performance Impact Wrench

Those over-tightened lug nuts do not have a chance when you have an impact wrench. Throw something like Paoli Red Devil with 12,000rpm in your trunk for your next flat tire. The lug nuts will unscrew very quickly and painlessly with an impact wrench.

Front Mount Hydraulic Jack

The problem with driving a car that is really low to the ground is that you can never get enough height with a side mount jack. If you use a side mount hydraulic jack, you can actually tip your vehicle too far to the opposite side, and on the side of the road, it can tip your car into the ditch. Instead, buy a front mount hydraulic jack, and then the entire front of the car raises up high enough to change that front flat.

The Locking Nut Key

If you bought your car from a dealership, your car should have come with a locking nut key. This is a tiny little manual socket wrench that fits over the locking nut in the center of each wheel. Without the key, you will never get the locking nut off, and you cannot change a tire. If you did not get a key, or you lost it, you can buy another one rather cheaply from an automotive parts store or from the dealer that sold you the car.

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